Dr. Stan Bernard, President and Founder of Bernard Associates, has been a health care industry innovator for over two decades. Below are some selected examples of his innovations and industry “firsts”:

  • Pioneered CASSAR Framework (“Competitive Analysis, Simulations, Strategy, Actions, and Results”) for winning with competitive planning as described in the 2010  Pharmaceutical Executive article “Decisive Strategy Wins the Market”.
  • Initiated an innovative approach to business war games called “Bernard Simulations,” as described in the 2007 PharmaVoice article, “7 Rules for the New War Games.”
  • Recognized as the first independent management consultant to be named as one of PharmaVoice’s “100 Most Inspirational People in the Pharmaceutical Industry” (2006)
  • Created and pioneered an innovative management consulting approach, “Executive Consulting” (Pharmaceutical Executive, 2002)
  • Initiated the “Health Information Technology” graduate school course at the Wharton School of Business (1999)
  • Founded and served as the first Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Disease Management, the official journal of the Disease Management Association of America (1997)
  • Served as the first “Managed Care Medical Director” in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry (1993)
  • Initiated the first “Pharmaceutical Management” course at a leading U.S. graduate business school (Wharton School of Business -1991)
  • Co-initiated and developed the first doctor-only medical sales force in the United States while serving as Assistant Medical Director for Bristol-Myers Squibb (1989)