Firm Overview


The #1 global competition consulting firm for the pharmaceutical and health care products industries

  • Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey
  • Founded in 1999


Helping Clients Win


  • Competitive Simulations (War Games 2.0)
  • Counter-Launch Planning and Simulations
  • Winning Product Launches (Launch 2.0)
  • Competitive Training and Seminars
  • Competitive Strategy, Planning, and Lifecycle Management
  • Customized Competitive Engagements


Over 125 leading pharmaceutical and health care companies across five continents

    • Nine of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies
    • Thousands of pharmaceutical and health care industry¬†professionals have participated in the firm’s simulations, training seminars, competitive or counter-launch planning engagements, and competitive workshops.


The firm works across products/technologies, therapeutic areas, lifecycle stages, markets, stakeholders, and competitive landscapes.