Competitive Simulations

Bernard Simulations™ are the new, improved version of pharmaceutical war games. Bernard Simulations™ have over 25 enhancements from traditional pharma war games, including:
  • Prioritized, winning action steps
  • Specific customization for each brand, company, market, and competitive landscape
  • Preparation of each Simulation participant
  • Incorporation of multiple customers and stakeholders
  • Different types and applications of Bernard Simulations™
  • Proven market results and client testimonials
Bernard Associates surveys participants from every Bernard Simulation™ (War Game 2.0). Here are the key findings:
  • 98% of surveyed participants state that the Bernard Simulation “met” or “exceeded” their expectations.
  • 92% of all surveyed participants, many of whom had previously participated in numerous competitive simulations or pharmaceutical war games, said that the Bernard Simulation was better than any previous war games/simulations they had ever participated in.

Click here for client feedback from actual participants in previous Bernard Simulations™ .

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The Different Types of Bernard Simulations™

Bernard Associates can customize a Bernard Simulation™
for virtually any type of competitive or market situation.
Types of Bernard Simulations™ Examples
Brand Brand vs. Brand(s) Competitive Simulation
Generic Brand vs. Generic(s) Competitive Simulation
Launch or Counter-Launch Preparation for Product Launches/Counter-Launches
Portfolio or Franchise Competitive Portfolio or Franchise Simulation
Business Unit or Company Competitive Business Unit or Company Simulation
Functional or Departmental Sales, PR/Communications, Business Development, etc.
Stakeholder Payers, KOLs, Professional Societies, etc.
Situational New Clinical Trial Data, Competitive Licensing Deal, etc.
Geographic Market, Country, Region, Global
Training Competitive Training
Hybrid Combination(s) of Different Types of Simulations

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